Sunday, 23 October 2016

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Google and Amazon race to get your DNA into the cloud

06 June 2015 New York – If you can win the right of keeping millions of personal data which could…

British Queen Joins Twitter

Twitter IPO looks imminent, Could sale at higher price

NSA revelations helping US tech industry

60 Mbps In-Flight Internet soon be reality

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How Did our lives changed by web?

17 March, 2014 – Kathmandu – Have you ever feel that your life has been changed since you are familiar…

Test your own death – How long will you live?

Human heart tissue grown in petri dish

What is a Computer virus?

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windows 7 lunched

Windows sales ‘please’ Microsoft Microsoft has said it is “pleased” with the “strong consumer demand” for its new Windows 7…

Google is the largest search engine

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Nokia no more producing handsets in India

02 NOVEMBER 2014 CHENNAI – South Indian state of Tamil Nadu had developed their IT fanatic long ago with an…

iPhone 6 will reach stores in August

Samsung Galaxy S5 Official Launch Date

iOS7 Available to download and upgrade on Apple products

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The 12 best designs from the past 100 years

What could be the best innovation of this century? we may think many but here is what a professional designer…

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How to create a website?

Many People around the world like to have their own…
How To Use Facebook Shared Albums?

28 August 2013 – Facebook has just lunched the sharing…
How To Download Youtube Videos?

Hello There!! Many of you may have searched and tried…

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